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Alice Mara – a new range of bespoke hanging people bowls

Following the success of our award winning ceramicist Alice Mara’s Hanging People range, Cavaliero Finn is now taking orders for her latest work, a series of bespoke bowls that can be commissioned.

A brilliant gift idea, these unique, handmade, centerpiece bowls can be commissioned to feature family members, including the family cat or dog, hanging from its rim. We love Alice’s witty and contemporary design.  Make no mistake, this bowl will undoubtedly become a family heirloom, a story passed down to the next generation and beyond.

Up to 20 family members can feature on each commissioned bowl making it also a great collaborative gift for someone’s significant birthday, wedding or other commemorative event.

Clients take their own photographs of the people and pets that are going to be featured on the centerpiece bowl.  These images and any desired text is subsequently turned into ceramic transfers.  Alice Mara then hand-throws, glazes and fires the bowl, applies the transfers and fires the bowl a further time. The transfers are permanent meaning that the bowl is both durable and functional.

Each centerpiece bowl is approximately 35cm in diameter and 15cm high.  It retails at £365.00 from our website A minimum period of four weeks is required to complete each commission after the photographs have been received and approved by Cavaliero Finn.

Alice Mara trained at the Royal College of Art, London. 
 Inspired by her late father and printmaker, Tim Mara, Alice has looked to the world around her for ideas and designs. In 2010 Grayson Perry opened her show, Mara and Mara, at the Eagle Gallery.  Cavaliero Finn has been working with Alice since we set up the business in 2003.  Her work has also been shown at the Royal Academy and The William Morris Museum.


The Art of Commissioning Artwork

If you like the idea of commissioning a bowl, it really is a simple process.  Just order online and we will get things started for you.You might also like to check out the work of some of our other Cavaliero Finn artists, like Anna Raymond, Thurle Wright and Caroline Popham who also regularly work with our clients to create bespoke artworks.  Please drop us an email at or or give us a call on 07941 200 300 to discuss your ideas if this is something you’d like to explore with us.


Theatre director, Stephen Israel was out with his parents when a hanging people bowl by ceramicist Alice Mara caught his eye in a local exhibition.  The artwork instantly provided him with the ideal gift for his mother’s forthcoming 80th birthday.  Stephen went into swift action telephoning relatives from around the globe to share with them the idea of having a bespoke bowl made to commemorate the special occasion.  His family rallied round and provided the artist with 22 separate images of family members, including 2 cats and 4 dogs, all hanging from various walls and doors.  Alice set to work creating the hand-built bowl and then carefully placing her unique hanging people stamp on the bowl using the images Stephen had supplied.  The bowl was presented to Stephen’s mother at her Birthday party in a local spa hotel.  She was reduced to tears upon receipt of the bowl.

“I couldn’t have been more delighted with our Hanging People bowl. We presented it to my mum at her Birthday party and she absolutely loved it!  She has already shown it to all of her friends, it is such a great idea and was the perfect present – a modern day family heirloom”, said Stephen.