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Spotlight on Gill Rocca

Gill Rocca was one of the first artists Debra and I worked with when we started Cavaliero Finn over 12 years ago and our relationship has continued to grow on both a professional and personal level.   Since the serene cloudscapes we first admired in a group show in Studio Voltaire, Clapham in 2001, her work continues to entrance us and many of our clients who have been collecting her work ever since.

There are no inhabitants in Gill’s work and only the occasional street lamp hints at human presence. The places are painted from her imagination, memories and snaps and, though they are of no particular place, they seem familiar and comforting.

Gill works in oil and paints on both large-scale canvases and tiny miniature panels. Even on a tiny surface she manages to encapsulate depth, space and atmosphere and capture the enormity and beauty of nature.

Gill has only produced three editions in her career so far and each one has been carefully selected from a specific body of work. Working with leading print companies, the first edition was made from her Commons body of painting, the second from her Snowscapes.   Both editions are sold out. For the third edition she produced a stunning archival print ‘After Equinox’ from her Liminal Landscape body. The landscape reflects on the water with a luminous quality and the sky appears to change and glow in different light, suggesting either dawn or dusk – we’ll never know.

If you have coveted a painting by Gill for some time, buying an edition an affordable way to own a work of that scale.

We have two prints left from this edition to sell and they will be available to view at our forthcoming Somerset show in October.