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Interview with new Cavaliero Finn artist Sandra James

Cavaliero Finn teamed up with Somerset Art Works to offer a bursary to up and coming artists in the Somerset region.  We had a large number of applications but it was Sandra James’s work that caught both Juliana’s and my eye.  When we first saw Sandra’s work we instantly knew we had to see the work in the flesh and find out more about the work.  We were not disappointed.  We loved the elegant forms of her sculptures, the contrast of black, white and red, the juxtaposition of materials used and the dialogue she creates between harmony and tension.   We knew she was right for our portfolio.

Here’s a short interview with Sandra talking about her work and her artistic journey.

When did you decide to retrain as an artist?

In 2011 I decided that it was time to return to the `Arts’, although I trained as a Graphic Designer, once children came along that took a back seat. I always wanted to return to the Creative Industries so I took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

How did you arrive at making your current work?

Through studying at the University of the West of England I discovered that my work was veering towards the sculptural, I was interested in capturing haptic responses to surfaces in copperplate etch plates, the subsequent work was a translation of those discoveries into 3D forms.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Initially my work was an enquiry into touch, and then this developed into looking at human interaction.

The materials you use in your sculptures are extremely unique, how did you think to put the two together?

Through experimentation, and trialing lots of different textures, it was important to create an unusual and unique piece that reflected the idea behind the work.


Can you describe your approach to making one of your sculptures?

I work in a sketchbook then translate the images into 3D forms, creating the final sculpture in situ, letting the form emerge.


What do you believe is the key element in creating sculptures that have impact?

A sculpture that has light and shade, not only physically, but metaphorically.


This is your first show with a gallery, how do you feel about revealing your work to the wider public?

I feel really excited to know how they will respond to my work.


Where do you want to take your work next?

I work intuitively and the next step will present itself when the time is right.