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Spotlight on Simon Ledson

We’ve worked with Simon Ledson for a number of years now, having been drawn to his wonderful ‘Timescape’ paintings during his show at Somerset Art Weeks in 2010.  He is well known for his paintings of the Somerset Levels, which are particularly captivating and atmospheric. In these works the artist explores the effect of the nautical dawn, the time at which there is enough sunlight for the horizon and some objects to be distinguishable; when the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon in the morning.  We particularly love the way the sky dominates the painting, drawing us in and he masterfully manages to capture perfectly the moment of early dawn as the rays of light are breaking through the clouds.

Simon’s recent mixed media works have taken him in an exciting new direction.  Inspired by his recent placement with artist Naomi Frears at the St Ives School of Painting, Simon’s new works originate from his past; from memories, places and experiences. In the work he asks fundamental questions about our place in nature and nature’s place in us and the ambiguous boundary between relationships, nature and culture.
As can be seen from the paintings below, Simon’s palette is much bolder and the work often features imprinted textures. We have been very excited by this fresh, colourful turn in Simon’s work and secured a number of the new works on show in Somerset.   If, like us, you are fans of Simon’s work, this Sunday October 11th from 12-1pm he will be at the show and on hand to discuss his work.   Do come and meet him and see his latest works in the exhibition.