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Spotlight on Cavaliero Finn artist Daniel Reynolds

It’s been a great 12 months for ceramic artist Daniel Reynolds, not only was his work featured in a collection for the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, which was a major coup, but he completed a huge commission for Whittard (of Chelsea) to make bespoke lighting in translucent porcelain for their refurbished store in Covent Garden and last month FT journalist Emma Crichton-Miller gave his work some hugely deserved attention by interviewing Daniel as part of a detailed feature on artists inspired by their travels – it’s a good read if you missed it ‘Sense of Wander”

Like many of our clients, Cavaliero Finn has been an avid fan of Daniel’s work for a number of years. Apart from being an absolute joy to work with, Juliana and I have always loved the constant creative flow of Daniel’s work and find ourselves in awe of his many talents every time he produces a new series of works.

We were first attracted to Daniel’s series of beautifully organic porcelain forms.  A firm favourite amongst our clients,  this body of work recreates both organic and man-made forms using hand-built moulds to create stunningly natural, organically shaped forms such as cabbages, cocoa pods, gourds, melons and pumpkins and hot water bottles, electric kettles and paper cups or plates.

Daniel went on to create some more traditionally made hand-built pots.  Coiling the clay on a non-mechanised turn table, Daniel builds these coils up to create pots of such huge proportions that they often require Juliana and I to call in some “man-help” to move them around when we curate our shows or deliver them to clients.

In the last few years Daniel has gone back to his artistic roots and has been making sculpture again.  Having trained as a furniture designer originally this has been a natural step for him.  His Grid Abstractions are a series of large stoneware sculptures that were influenced by the strong tradition of geometry present in Latin American and Venezuelan contemporary art, the art that being born in Venezuela, Daniel grew up with.

Daniel has also been making mobile sculptures using a combination of ceramics and glass and was first commissioned by Firmdale Hotels to make a collection of mobiles that now hang in the Ham Yard Hotel in London, just behind Shaftesbury Avenue.  The glass elements in the mobiles are made by professional glassmaker Roberta De Caro, who makes the glass to Daniel’s specifications.

The mobiles and abstract sculptures have a real presence in Cavaliero Finn’s show and are an exciting new development, we’re keen to see in which direction they will take Daniel’s work in the future.

We will be featuring a full range of Daniel’s work at our Christmas Show at our home gallery in Herne Hill London on the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of December.  Read more about the artists in this show here