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Visit our Somerset Art Weeks Festival Show – The Essence of Home – September 23rd – October 1st

The Essence of Home – an exhibition of contemporary art & design which explores the notion of home in a uninhabited Grade II listed Georgian Manor House.

Horton Manor, Horton Cross, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9PY
(across the road from Monks Yard)

Open from Saturday 23rd September – Sunday 1st October 2017

Weekends 11.00am – 5.00pm
Monday to Friday 11.00am – 3.00pm

Housed in Horton Manor, a Grade II listed Georgian Manor House that has been empty for over a decade, Cavaliero Finn will be curating an immersive installation featuring paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and furniture for this year’s Somerset Art Weeks Festival Show which will breathe new life into the building and explore the true notion of home.

Horton Manor House is currently being lovingly restored by Monks Yard who have very recently acquired the property. Cavaliero Finn is hugely excited to be exhibiting in a building of such architectural interest, prior to its renovation. There will be a lot of work going on around the grounds so it is important that people do what the hazard warning signs say. Nearby residents will need to keep safe during this time of construction.

On show will be a collection of work from over 20 contemporary artists and makers from within Somerset and the UK including: Tony Beaver (whose paintings feature above from his glass series) Rowena Brown, Mia Cavaliero, Angela Charles, Sophie Cook, Sam Edkins, Alison Griffin, Bjork Haraldsdottir, Galvin Brothers, Akiko Hirai, Ikuko Iwamoto, Sandra James, Catherine Knight, Simon Ledson, DJ Lowrie, Rhian Malin, Alice Mara, Ali Miller, Mineheart, Daniel Reynolds, Lucy du Sautoy, Yuta Segawa, Danuta Solowiej, Jessica Thorn, Patricia Volk, Pia Wustenberg, and Mizuyo Yamashita.

Spotlight on a few of the artists & makers exhibiting as part of
The Essence of Home

We recently visited the studio of ceramic artist Bjork Haraldsdottir in her beautiful home on the borders of Somerset and Dorset. Originally from Iceland, Bjork studied architecture at The Glasgow School of Art and worked for a number renowned architects including Richard Rogers before exploring her passion for ceramic forms. She retrained completely, taking a number of courses in ceramics and is now producing a series of hand built sculptures which are heavily influenced by her Nordic heritage and architectural background. We are already huge fans and are proud to be showing a collection of Bjork’s work (featured above) as part of this show.

Somerset artist Sandra James whose work we debuted two years ago, will be showing a series of new sculptures with us at Horton Manor including the work featured above. Sandra was recently selected as one of just ten finalists in the National Sculpture Prize 2017 organised by the Broomhill Arts Scultpure Garden in Devon.

Also showing with Cavaliero Finn for the first time is London based painter Lucy du Sautoy. Lucy paints views from cars or train windows, views we take for granted, ignore even and it’s the space in between that interests her. On the windows she paints doodles, recognisable scribbles that we all do when we are thinking about other things, when we are bored or distracted. Her paintings are about daydreams and the landscapes we are looking at through the windows are almost irrelevant. It’s the whimsical, contemporary mark making that the viewer is drawn to first and foremost.

Painter Simon Ledson is well known for his stunning Timescape paintings of the Somerset Levels. Simon’s ‘Timescapes’ explore the visual perception of atmospheric changes, the reflection of light on a landscape or seascape. Simon is particularly captivated by the effect of the nautical dawn, the time at which there is enough sunlight for the horizon and some objects to be distinguishable; when the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon in the morning.

In the past year the work of ceramic artist Mizuyo Yamashita who we’ve worked with since we started Cavaliero Finn 14 years ago, has been hot property. This month the Tate Modern is featuring a range of her work in its Tate Edit exhibition to coincide with the Giacometti show. So we were especially glad to secure a selection of Mizuyo’s new work for this Somerset show including the beautiful new Mentori vases, featured above.

There’s something about Rowena Brown’s ceramic houses that seems to speak to people at a very emotional level. At our last Somerset exhibition a holidaymaker from Japan made the journey from her hotel in London via train, bus and on foot just to see Rowena’s work after having seen it online.

I guess we had the same reaction when we first saw Rowena’s evocative houses at her studio, the houses evoke a terrific sense of reminiscence and contemplation and we just couldn’t get them out of our heads once we’d seen them. We will feature a range of Rowena’s houses in this exhibition.

Somerset painters Angela Charles and Catherine Knight have been busy making new work for us for the Somerset Art Weeks Festival Show. Catherine’s latest body of work reflects on her exploration of the southern archipelago and visit to Tove Jansson’s island, Klovharun, where the novelist, painter, illustrator and author spent thirty summers. Jansson’s novels and aesthetic of a simple, pared down island life have been very influential on Catherine’s current body of work.

Angela Charles will be showing a range of new large paintings at the show, as well as some of her smaller works inspired by the coastline from Dorset to Cornwall. Her work on show includes this piece (above), Across the Lines which is featured alongside ceramic and glass hanging mobile by Daniel Reynolds.

London based Painter Rebecca McLynn has created a new body of work especially for Cavaliero Finn. Rebecca’s abstract landscape paintings are inspired by the detail in nature and the power that wild, rugged locations and untamed weather can have over our emotions and feelings of well-being.

Using photography, mixed media and expressive mark making, Rebecca’s colourful, oil paintings capture the essence of a place. Using only a hint of figuration, she allows the viewer to contemplate on their own reminiscences of the wild places they may have visited or explored.

Rebecca’s work is shown above alongside sculpture by Patricia Volk who works from a studio on the Somerset/Wiltshire borders.

We hope you have enjoyed this sneak preview of the Somerset Art Weeks Festival show, which kicks off on September 23rd, it promises to be an exhibition not to be missed and we very much look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes
Debra and Juliana