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A Sense of the Familiar

New artists join the Cavaliero Finn portfolio for Dulwich Festival Show

Home Gallery, 268 Croxted Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 9DA

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 

Mimi Young – Tigers again
Cavaliero Finn is proud to present ‘A Sense of the Familiar’, a curated show featuring paintings, sculpture and ceramics that evoke nostalgic memories and a yearning for the past. 
The show is open to the public at the Cavaliero Finn home gallery in Herne Hill from Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May and Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May from 10.30am-6.00pm.
Curated as part of this year’s Dulwich Festival, Cavaliero Finn presents work by a number of artists who are new to the Cavaliero Finn portfolio, including painter David Edmond and ceramicists Nicholas Lees, Hannah Tounsend and Mimi Joung. 
Mimi Young – Tigers again

Originally from Korea, now living in London, much of ceramicist Mimi Joung’s work is concerned with displacement. For this show, we have selected a series of sculptural work incorporating the language of the novel ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ by Richard Brautigan, first published in 1968. Each sculpture is formed by tracing and taping each chapter of Brautigan’s surreal landscape which are reflections of displacement within imagined utopias and dystopias. 

Beach 3.5 Oil on canvas, 60 x 116cm

The subjects of David Edmond’s figurative paintings are varied and generally developed from the artist’s own photographs. While in each series the subjects and landscapes change, what unites each of David’s paintings is that all the subjects are captured in moments of quiet contemplation.

The Beach series stems from the artist’s recent visits to Coney Island, New York. Parasols offer the viewer punches of colour that punctuate the horizon and the overall scene of people relaxing and enjoying the hot sun generates a real sense of nostalgia for the long sunny days of summers past. 

Nicholas Lees – Floating Bowls (L to R) 17.12,17.13,15.27, Parian porcelain, 15cm x16.5cm

For every single year of his life ceramicist Nicholas Lees has returned to the same coastal location in Scotland. Initially uncertain of the influence of this astoundingly beautiful place on his work, Nicholas has recently come to realise that there is a profound connection to do with repetition and change. He believes that to continually experience the same place and to achieve deep knowledge of it, is to see that it always changes and is never perceived as the same despite the deep sense of familiarity and continuity. The light never exactly replicates but is constantly shifting. This is particularly apparent when viewing Nicholas’ work, new structures within the existing shapes appear to emerge as the movement of light goes across the forms and yet the sculpture itself has remained unchanged. 

Hybrid Vessel by Hannah Tounsend
Hannah Tounsend’s painterly work is inspired by the sea-washed, weatherworn landscape of the British coastline that has drawn her attention since she was a child. Her vessels are decorated with ‘abstract lines, swooshes and splatters’, reminiscent of rising waves and sea spray and often created using stones found on the beaches near Chichester where the artist is based.  
Hannah’s Hybrid vessel sculptures are formed using a unique hybrid making technique of slip-casting and throwing. Within an open plaster mould Hannah builds layers of printed, poured and painted casting slips, overlaying colours on the porous surface. Using a throwing wheel, the top section is added to the still-moulded cast and fully thrown out. The presence of the mould allows the formation of a flange of clay that accentuates the join and breaks away in pleasingly irregular fragments as the piece shrinks and pulls inwards.​

Watch out for our series of Q&As on the website to find out more about these new artists in the run up to the show.

Gill Rocca – Near to Nowhere IX
Kate Sherman – Forest

We are also proud to include work by many of our regular exhibitors as part of the ‘Sense of the Familiar‘ exhibition.  Other artists responding to the curatorial brief include, painters Kate Sherman, Catherine Knight, Judith Tucker, Gill Rocca, Trevor Burgess, Rebecca McLynn, Mia Cavaliero, DJ Lowrie, Angela Charles and Tony Beaver and ceramicists Akiko Hirai, Annie Turner, Ashraf Hanna, Barry Stedman, Bjork Haraldsdottir, Frances Priest, Ikuko Iwamoto, Daniel Reynolds, Mizuyo Yamashita, Rachel Hoyle, Rhian Malin, Rowena Brown and Sun Kim 

Mussel Box by Annie Turner

We look forward to seeing you over the course of the exhibition.


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