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Cavaliero Finn at Collect 2020


Missed Collect this year?  View the Collect 2020 collection from Somerset House below

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Frances Priest – Collection | Grammar of Ornament – Byzantine No 3, 17 hand scale forms approx 10 cms high x 90 cms diameter x 20 cms deep, handbuilt ceramic forms, inscribed line, earthenware glaze and vitreous slip, 2020

Earlier this year Cavaliero Finn exhibited at Collect, the Crafts Council’s international art fair for modern craft and design, held at Somerset House, Collect’s new venue, showcasing the work of 11 of its artists in the West Wing of the building. 

Blue and Grey Layered Twist Sculpture
Matthew Chambers – Blue and Grey Layered Twist, Stoneware and oxides, 38cm diameter 2020

New to our stand this year was the work of; Hannah Tounsend, Mimi Joung, Nicholas Lees and Leah Jensen, all of whom have never shown their work at Collect before.

Having won the ‘FRESH’ award in 2015, Hannah Tounsend was a finalist for AWARD 2019 at the British Ceramics Biennial, an award for excellence, innovation and creative ambition. Hannah presented an ambitious installation of large, painterly Statement Vessels for Collect

Hannah Tounsend – Statement and Medium Eillptoid Vessels, White earthenware with slip and underglaze decoration, partially glazed – 55cm diameter x 73cm high and 35cm diameter x 46cm high, 2020

Having delivered three of Nicholas Lees vessels to The Fitzwilliam Museum, following their purchase at our recent show, Alter at Fitzrovia Chapel, Cavaliero Finn presented a new series of Nicholas’ intensely hand-crafted porcelain vessels. The new work included a framed installation, ‘Littoral’ which refers directly to the liminal space of the shoreline. It explores relationships of positive and negative space and of variation in tone and materiality between the objects.

Littoral 3 - Five Piece Framed Installation
Nicholas Lees – ‘Littoral’ #3, Parian, grey parian, bone china, black porcelain, painted fibreboard,  H40cm x W85cm x D20cm, 2020 (20.04)

Following her exhibition at the Sfera Gallery in 2018 in Kyoto, Japan, Mimi Joung presented a new selection of works inspired by the book ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ by Richard Brautigan. Written in 1968 and set in the aftermath of a fallen civilisation, the book focuses on a commune in a utopian place iDEATH where every day has a different coloured sun and the people lead gentle lives in Watermelon Sugar. Mimi’s work explores language and every ceramic sculpture she produces encompasses the words from each chapter, starting and ending where each chapter starts and stops. Like poetry, each chapter carries its own uniqueness, made up of strange and dreamlike quotes which are incorporated into her pieces, sometimes recognisable, at other times more abstract in form.

Time, casting slip, 2018/19) Mimi Joung

Following her debut at Alter, Leah Jensen presented a new carved stoneware sculpture derived from the renaissance painting, St Francis Preaching to the Birds by Giotto Di Bondone (1266-1337) (featured below).

Leah Jensen Vase Saint Francis of Assisi Preaching to the Birds
Leah Jensen: Saint Francis of Assisi Preaching to the Birds H38.5cm x W22cm
Stoneware 2020

Commissioned especially for Collect 2020 by the Crafts Council and Cavaliero Finn, Daniel Reynolds created a new kinetic sculpture, “Madrigal”, for the centrepiece of Collect Fair 2020. 

The piece, which measures 2m x 2.7m, is the largest he has created to date. It rotated gently in the Oval Alcove in the West Wing of London’s Somerset House throughout the exhibition.  

We also featured an additional sculpture, “Yanomami Gourd” on the stand.

Yanomami Gourd - Kinetic Sculpture
“Yanomami Gourd” – Kinetic sculpture in ceramic, gourd, glass and painted steel, approx 127cm x 85cm

Alongside his study of burnished and carved 19th-century Egyptian pottery for an exhibition at the V&A in 2020, Ashraf Hanna created a new body of finely sculpted undulating and cut and altered vessel forms for us for Collect.

Ashraf Hanna undulatting vessels
Ashraf Hanna – White undulating vessel, 43cms H, Grey undulating  vessel, 44cms H, Burgundy undulating vessel 42cms H, Stoneware, 2020

Following closely after her Loewe Craft Prize Finalist Exhibition in Tokyo last year, Annie Turner made a new collection of work inspired by the River Deben in Suffolk.

Annie Turner – Sieve and Mussel Box, approx 14cm x 14cm, Stoneware, 2020

We also exhibited a wonderful collection of new work by Matthew Chambers (featured above), Frances Priest (featured above), Ikuko Iwamoto (featured below) and Sun Kim. 

Ikuko Iwamoto Golden Pearl IV Framed Porcelain Sculpture
Ikuko Iwamoto – Golden Pearl IV, Porcelain and gold lustre, H125cm x W80cm x D17cm (framed size) 2020
Set of three geometric vessels by Sun Kim
Sun Kim: Group of Three Geometric Vessels 2020

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