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Another Five At Under £500

This week, as the weather took a turn for the worse, we took solace in two small paintings – Inflatable 5 by David Edmond and Musician by Trevor Burgess. In these paintings, both artists have managed to capture the sheer brilliance of the hot summer sun, their simple composition and choice of vivid pinks, greens and oranges magically radiating warmth and happiness. It is from these paintings that we drew our inspiration for this week’s five at under £500, designed for those of you who are still looking for Christmas gift ideas and for those of you who may just need a little cheering up.

Inflatable 5 by David Edmond
David Edmond – Inflatable 5, Oil on torn Fabriano Tela Oil Painting Paper (acid-free and archival), 16.5cm x 12.5cm, Unframed, 2020 – £330.00

Inflatable 5 is part of a series of beach paintings which stem from artist David Edmond’s visits to the Kent coast, to Deal and Broadstairs. The overall scene of people relaxing and enjoying the hot sun generates a real sense of longing for the thrills of summers past. 

David has been painting since 2009, his work featuring in many prize-winning exhibitions including The Discerning Eye 2020, The Creekside Open 2019, The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018, the Lynn Painter Stainer Prize 2017 and The Discerning Eye 2016. His work has been bought by many national and international collectors.

See more available work by David Edmond here

Rowena Brown – set of four ceramic houses, sculpted in black clay and earthenware fired, approx 9cm high, 2020 – £450.00

Whilst the original inspiration for Rowena Brown’s work was the motif of the derelict building, abandoned abruptly following an environmental or man-made disaster, her sets of houses seem to take us beyond a simple feeling of reminiscence.  They unlock a recognition of an essential human need – to be both individual and free, but also to feel as if we belong.  The sculptures never fail to stimulate an emotional response amongst our clients as they conjure up memories and a sense of time and place.

Find out more about Rowena’s sculptures in our recent artist feature here

See more available work by Rowena Brown here

Trevor Burgess: Musician (San Jose, Costa Rica), oil on board, 29.5 x 36cm – £495.00

This painting is from a series of paintings by Trevor Burgess of the urban landscape, in this case, the sundrenched, urban streets of San Jose in Costa Rica. They are an eye-level take on the city placing the viewer at street level. They aim to recall the experience of walking in the street, looking around warily, noting things glimpsed on either side, a heightened awareness of people, movement, traffic, visual dazzle. Trevor often uses a glossy liquid paint which brings out the flashes of bright colour that animate urban space.

Watch our recent film of Trevor talking about his paintings in his beautiful South London home here

Grey and Rose Copper India Stacking Vessel by Pia Wustenberg
Small India Stacking Vessel I (Rose) and II (Grey), designed by Pia Wustenberg for Utopia & Utility, copper, glass, wood, 15cm x 30xm, 2020 – £485 each

Contrast and partnership, diverse crafts and materials come together in designer Pia Wüstenberg’s India Stacking Vessels. Each jewel-like vessel is made of glass, metal and wood by highly skilled crafts specialists from around Europe. The glass is blown by an expert team in Bohemia, Czech Republic; the copper is spun by a family-run workshop in East London; and the wood is sourced from forests in Finland by a retired farmer, making each vessel truly unique and one-of-a-kind. 

We recently took delivery of six different coloured glass, wood and copper vessels which can be seen here

Barry Stedman Ceramic IMG_7038 - 14 x 9.5cm
Barry Stedman – Thrown and altered vessel, Earthenware, Coloured Slip 14cm x 9.5 cm, At Any Moment Series, 2020 – £120

A painter by inclination, Barry Stedman’s ceramics are preceded by paintings in watercolour or gouache, often made in the open air, where he is inspired by the light and patterns in the sky and the farms and fields visible from his home. The work evokes memories of early mornings, fresh, flickering sunlight, summer gardens full of the saturated hues of pinks, purples and evanescent greens and long afternoon shadows.

Changing surroundings, such as those experienced on a moving train, also inform his work. These paintings are then reworked into larger, more abstract, oil paintings and ultimately lead to the ceramics, which he creates in red clay with coloured slips. He works intuitively and energetically and because the true colours of the pieces only emerge after firing, there is always an element of chance in his work, which retains its spontaneity and freshness. Barry was a ceramics graduate of Harrow (University of Westminster), where he achieved a first-class honours degree. As well as making his own work, he is currently an assistant in Edmund de Waal’s studio.

This week we received a large stock of Barry’s latest designs, priced from £100 – £300 – see the rest of our new collection here


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