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Christmas Gift Inspiration

Five at under £500

As a gallery, we have always tried to make sure that we offer something to suit most people’s budgets. Indeed, many of our artists create different series of works alongside their larger pieces for this very reason.  Each week in the run-up to Christmas we focus on five artworks that are under £500, hopefully giving you a few gift ideas for those people in your life who are tricky to find the right present for (or maybe a few ideas for you to just add to your own Wish List). 

This week we’re keeping it simple and black and white – for a year that’s been far from black and white!

Mentori Vase by Mizuyo Yamashita Black

This beautiful black ‘Mentori’ vase by Japanese ceramicist, Mizuyo Yamashita is priced at £120. ‘Mentori’ meaning faceted in Japanese describes the curved surface of this series. This vase is hand thrown on the wheel with a mix of terracotta and white stoneware and faceted with carving tools.

To find out more about Mizuyo’s work read our feature on the artist

We have a number of new ceramic pieces by Mizuyo in stock priced from £65. 

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Bjork Haraldsdottir Horizon III

The strong geometric monochrome patterning and both natural and architectural forms of Björk Haraldsdóttir’s ceramic works are heavily influenced by her Nordic upbringing and training as an architect.

This piece is one of Björk’s smaller works Horizon III priced at £400.00. 
Read our featured artist interview with Björk here.

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For the last few years, painter Mia Cavaliero has been creating a series of landscape paintings based on her fascination with the geometry, colour and light of the Derbyshire Peak District and Scotland. This latest abstract landscape painting is part of this series. The distinct forms in this landscape are the result of geological formation as well as excavation in the form of quarrying across the region. Mia is interested in the inter-relationship between man and nature and the effect this has on shaping the topography of this beautiful place.

This piece, titled ‘Out of the Corner of My Eye’ is priced at £345 and is unframed, measuring approximately 25cm x 30cm.

We have a number of new paintings by Mia featured on the website all priced at under £500.

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Sky Study 12 by Alison Griffin

Alison Griffin’s current work reflects a lifelong love of nature and environment that began in her childhood home of Norfolk. Her intricate pencil drawings depict familiar scenes – a winding country road, skies of brooding cloud formations – small-scale, intimate contemplations of everyday scenes. The pencil medium captures the drama of light and shadow, imbuing the images with an underlying tension, highlighting the strain on the environment as humans and nature try to coexist in the same fraught landscape.

This new Sky Study 12 is unframed and postcard sized, priced at £75.00

We have a number of unframed pencil drawings and small paintings by Alison featured on the website, the majority are priced at under £500.

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“Today would be a day of gray watermelons. I like best tomorrow: the black, soundless watermelon days. When you cut them they make no noise, and taste very sweet…”

This intricate sculpture is part of a series of Mimi Joung’s work based on the slim novel called ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ by the American writer, Richard Brautigan. Mimi playfully creates these sculptures by tracing and taping each chapter of Brautigan’s surreal landscape which are reflections of displacement within imagined utopias and dystopias. Each sculpture relates to a chapter in the book, featuring the words from Brautigan’s novel. 

This piece is priced at £490.00 and is 18cm wide and 9cm high

Click here to read our featured artist post about Mimi

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