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Perfect Pairings

Helen Ballardie – Laughing Girls I, on paper 37cm x 28cm framed – £495.00
Barry Stedman – Thrown and Altered Vessel – At Any Moment Series  – £220.00

Our final day for taking Christmas orders will be Friday 18th December so we’re getting our last Five At Under £500 post out to you a little early.  This week our inspiration came from this wonderful pairing which happened as we were taking Barry Stedman’s ceramics out of their box. There is such a pleasing dialogue between the colour and fluid brush marks used in Helen Ballardie’s Laughing Girls painting and the splashes of bright reds and blues on Barry’s latest series of ceramic vessels, that we felt the need to seek out more perfect pairings for this week’s feature.

From the Woods Angela Charles
Angela Charles: From the Woods, 15cm x 30cm, Acrylic and coloured pencil on framed wooden panel, £420.00
Black and Yellow Cut and Altered Vessel by Ashraf Hanna
Ashraf Hanna: Small Black and Yellow Cut and Altered Vessel, Ceramic, 11cm x 10cm x 10cm, 2020 – £400.00

We have loved the way Ashraf Hanna’s work sits alongside Angela Charles’ abstract paintings ever since Ashraf created a dark blue/grey undulating vessel inspired by the colours in one of her paintings.  The punches of yellow and white, contrasted against the dark blacks and blues in Angela’s painting and the stark contrast of the internal and external surfaces of Ashraf’s work provide a similar symbiosis. 

Both artists have created new work for Cavaliero Finn which falls under the £500 mark, including the cut and altered vessel featured in this image and a rather powerful small painting by Angela called “Best of Three”
See other available work by Ashraf here
See other available work by Angela here

Grey Copper India Stacking Vessel by Pia Wustenberg
Small India Stacking Vessel II, designed by Pia Wustenberg for Utopia & Utility, Copper, glass, wood,18cm x 25cm – £485.00

We chose this pairing for no other reason than it works, an exercise in total tonal harmony. 

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Rowena Brown: Set of Four Ceramic Houses, this set is approximately 9 cm in height – £400.00
Rebecca McLynn: Night Tide 1, 20cm x 20cm, oil on canvas – unframed – £150.00

Both Rebecca McLynn’s paintings and Rowena Brown’s sculptures are inspired by wild, rugged, coastal locations where the constant assault of untamed weather takes its toll on the landscape.

In a recent interview with Rebecca she said: “I try to emulate the experience of a place, something more than figuration, I want to capture the essence of the landscape, the atmosphere, the weather conditions, fog, rain, coldness, texture and so on.  So I try to echo those qualities with paint and materials in my work.  This could be by using wax and lustres to mimic ice or rock, linseed oil thin washes for damp grass or veils of mist and rain and in doing so, I try to capture that raw element of place, I want to offer something additional to the traditional image of painted landscapes.”

In a similar way, Rowena’s sculptures evoke a very strong sense of place, depicting weather-worn and derelict structures found along the Scottish coastline.

See more available work by Rebecca McLynn here
See more available work by Rowena Brown here

Patricia Volk Peal H36W47D10 cms
Patricia Volk: Peal, Ceramic abstract sculpture, H36 x W47 x D10 cms – £495.00
Mia Cavaliero: Untitled, acrylic on board, approximately 30 x 25 cm, 2020 – £375

Colour dominates this beautiful and uplifting pairing as Mia Cavaliero reaches for a deep magenta mix in this new painting. She started with a blue-grey wash and slowly introduced the bold colours that worked with that, led by the freedom of the brushstrokes. Originally she intended this painting to be purely abstract, but as in her other work, the influence of her surrounding landscape seeps through.   

Patricia Volk’s painted fired clay sculptures embrace colour and form and come together instinctively. Using separate components to construct her pieces, Patricia makes shapes laid out clay then puts them together as interesting clusters or arrangements. She tells us she is, “interested in the randomness of making components” and doesn’t want the restrictions of a preconceived idea to determine how a piece might look. Often the colour just speaks to her and she has a strong instinctual sense of how the final piece will look. She says, “it’s a progression, a journey of discovery. Just by doing subtle differences, to my eye, changes it completely. It’s probably being obsessed over those small, incremental tweaks that make us artists. A craving to get it “right” – but of course there is no such thing.”

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Cavaliero Finn will taking a short break over the Christmas period.  We return just after to prepare for our participation in the London Art Fair 2021 Platform which runs from 20 – 31 January (VIP Preview 18 – 19 January).

Whilst the London Art Fair will not run in its usual format at the Business Design Centre in January, Cavaliero Finn hopes to be able to bring you some exciting news of two physical exhibitions taking place in London designed to enhance the Digital Edition of the Fair. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for the latest updates.

Until then, we’d like to wish all of our customers a very Happy Christmas.


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