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Cameron Fraser

Date: July 17, 2015 Category:

Even as a child, Cameron was endlessly fascinated by the small things. The patterns in a grain of wood, a bug, a discarded car part, a dead mouse – they all held an equal sense of wonder for Cameron. He has never lost that sense of wonder for the small things; the details that pass most of us by unnoticed are at the forefront of his vision and his paintings.
His flowers are a form of vanitas, displaying the transience of life. The flower portrayed in its most magnificent state has now rotted away. Its once proud petals have fallen. Vanitas comes from the Latin and relates to vanity, ill placed pride, and emptiness of earthly possessions and accomplishments. The prints humble us; remind us that our bodies are just transient carriers of soul and spirit. The vast emptiness of the backgrounds allow for mediative contemplation of the ultimate futility of our physical existence. They gently peel away our layers of ego and self-concern.
There is a very compelling atmosphere in Cameron’s work that asks the onlooker to look closer, because life is in the details.
Cameron studied his MA in European Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in Barcelona, (Spain) and Winchester (England). He is originally from Australia.