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Judith Tucker

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Judith Tucker’s work explores the meeting of social history, personal memory and landscapes; it investigates their relationship through drawing, painting and scholarly writing. The focus is to investigate how painting and ‘landscape’ might interrelate, how one can be the interface for the other, and what possibilities there are in the space that is created at this interface.

Recently Judith has been working in collaboration on commissions with the radical landscape poet Harriet Tarlo. The result of this inter- disciplinary collaborative practice and the presentation of drawing, painting and poetry in conversation with each other, seeks to provide an enriched perspective of a specific place and to disturb and disrupt a linear understanding of temporal and spatial relations with place.
Judith is both an artist and academic. She studied at the Ruskin, University of Oxford and at the University of Leeds, where she also held an AHRC fellowship in the creative and performing arts. She is a founding co-convener of the international Mapping Spectral Traces network and has been invited to be part of Contemporary British Painting, a new platform for contemporary painting in the UK.
Judith’s work has been shown internationally since 1996. Exhibitions include Landscape During Times of Uncertainty – Southampton City Art Gallery, Drawn 2013, Royal West of England Academy, Shadows Traces Undercurrents – Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Centre for Art Minneapolis USA, Arts and Geographies Exhibition, Lyon, France, Postmemorial Landscapes, Armory Gallery, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.