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Akiko Hirai: Loewe Craft Prize Finalist 2019, Medium Moon Jar

Akiko Hirai: Loewe Craft Prize Finalist 2019, Medium Moon Jar
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Moon Jar

Approximately 45cm diameter X 50cm high

Grogged stoneware with slips and ash glazes


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Rounded and generous in form, Loewe Craft Prize finalist 2019, Akiko Hirai’s aptly named Moon Jars have thick volcanic glazes streaming down the sides or encrusted on the surface.

Akiko’s work is a fusion of Japanese and British ceramic traditions. In a recent interview with Akiko about her moon jars she said: “My original inspiration came from the 18th-century Korean moon jar at the British Museum. It is chipped, has water stains on its white surface from ageing, iron spots that come from the lack of technology as they could not purify the material fully at the time the jar was made and it has the mark of the joint, where they have connected two thrown pots together. All these marks of imperfection were not intentionally created but these give the pot so much life and make the pot more tasteful.

“For me, a pot is like a human. I love the diversity of people in London and their life stories. Events in life are not always pleasant but they give people individuality and beauty.  So I give my moon jars a lot of trauma and hardship. The wet and/or unfired clay is an undetermined condition. It absorbs all the information from its surrounding environment such as heat, motions and even my emotions in the making process and when it goes in the kiln, nature gives it a lot of marks. How it survives, in there and releases tension is how it becomes what it is, in the most balanced way.

“I say ‘imperfection” but it is a perfection in our constantly changing environment”

Read the rest of the interview here

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