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Ashraf Hanna: Black Vessel Form

Ashraf Hanna: Black Vessel Form
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  • Ashraf_Hanna_Black_Vessel_Forms_2021


Black Vessel Form
73 x 35 x23cm


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In this latest body of work Ashraf Hanna revisits some of the forms that inspired the glass work he created while he was at the RA. In the kiln cast glass forms he exaggerated some aspects of the geometric forms to exploit the material qualities of glass, and the interplay between light and colour as it travels through various densities.
Ashraf’s interest is still to explore the relationship between contrasting lines as vessels softly emerge from clearly defined geometric shapes. But now the exaggerated forms in glass are beginning to inform these new ceramic works.

Read more about Ashraf’s work, his background, awards and previous exhibitions here.

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