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Caron Penney: Golden Intersection I – Textiles

Caron Penney: Golden Intersection I – Textiles
  • Golden Intersection I Tapestry by Caron Penney

Hand woven tapestry
30 x 30cm
Wool & gilt gold thread

A love of pattern, systems, and repetition is central to Caron Penney’s hand-woven textiles. At the core of her work are references to street architecture and structural comparisons between the warp and the weft. Surrounded by pattern, the urban landscape feeds Caron’s interest in humanity. Often these themes respond to the ebb and flow of the daily migration across a city or town. The subject matter draws comparisons between society’s need to function and the individual’s need for identity and their subtle co-existence. This careful balance is represented in the meticulous repetition of blocks of weaving and shapes in her tapestries. The artist sometimes reproduces familiar visual signs arranging them in sequences and rhythms. Caron’s ideas develop through observation, photography, sketches and the resulting tapestries.

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