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Frances Priest: Collection – Kirkcaldy Patterns II

Frances Priest: Collection – Kirkcaldy Patterns II
  • Frances Priest Kirkcaldy Collection_ii_ShannontoftsPhotograhy2021


5 hand scale forms
tallest approx 15 cms high
Handbuilt ceramic forms, inscribed line, earthenware glaze and vitreous slip, 2021

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Frances Priest’s current work in clay explores and interprets languages of ornament from different cultures, places and periods in history. The work is heavily influenced by a book she grew up with, The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones, first published in 1856. As a child, Frances read this book from cover to cover, and so began her love of pattern.

From her Edinburgh studio Frances creates intricate and colourful ceramic objects that celebrate this fascination for ornament and pattern, using clay as a canvas on which to build richly drawn and layered surfaces of inlaid line, glaze colour and enamel decals. The results are intricate and beautiful.

To read more about Frances’ background, previous exhibitions, collections and awards click here.

Read our interview with Frances here

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