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Hannah Tounsend: Set of 3 Print Beakers

Hannah Tounsend: Set of 3 Print Beakers
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  • Print Beaker Set of 3 by Hannah Tounsend 2020
  • 35B
  • 35F
  • Print Beaker 65Back
  • Print Beaker 65Front
  • Print Beaker 74back
  • Print Beaker 74Front

Print Beakers: each one 100mm diameter, 100mm height.
​White earthenware with slip and underglaze decoration.
Sculptural vessels not suitable for domestic use

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These ceramic print beakers by Hannah Tounsend combine ceramics and printmaking to create collections of sensitively realised vessel forms that explore the layered landscapes and sea-washed, weatherworn surfaces of the British coastline. Marks, lines and diffused merging colours are built up, cut through and dissolved away.

Hannah has developed an unusual, hybrid making technique to form her contemplative vessel pieces. Within an open plaster mould, she builds layers of printed, poured and painted casting slips, overlaying colours on the porous surface. These designs are incorporated into a cast shell of clay before mould and cast are fixed centrally to a throwing wheel. A partially thrown cylinder of plastic clay is joined to the cut rim of the still-moulded cast and fully thrown out. The presence of the mould allows the formation of a flange of clay that accentuates the join and breaks away in irregular fragments as the piece shrinks and pulls inwards.

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