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Ikuko Iwamoto: Porcelain and Antique Trowel Sculpture

Ikuko Iwamoto: Porcelain and Antique Trowel Sculpture
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Porcelain and man-made object

H45cm x W12.5cm x D5cm


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Ikuko Iwamoto makes extremely exquisite and delicately crafted porcelain objects and framed works, sometimes combining her spiky porcelain sculptures with antique objects from Japan, like with this sculpture, Trowel. The works suggest the every day, the ordinary, but are in fact rather extra-ordinary. She sees them as being the vehicle to make visible an invisible, microscopic world. A world of intricacy and detail, of mathematical pattern and organic chaos, of beauty and repulsion.

Talking about this body of work she said: “Each antique object I work with is handcrafted and has got individual character and history. I tend to work with functional objects that would have had an everyday use, so, domestic tools for the garden and kitchen for example. I’ve even used the ancient tools of accountants working with an antique abacus and money measurer both of which sold at Collect this year.

“I have always thought that porcelain’s natural white colour is a perfect match for these kind of objects, and I imagined that by adding an extra dimension to them, would make them even more exciting.

“It’s more about adding than creating from the beginning with this project, and because the spike attachments are more ornamental, they were a natural choice for me. The addition of gold lustre elevates the functional status of the antique objects further into the ornamental domain.”

Ikuko graduated from Camberwell College and completed a MA Ceramic and Glass at The Royal College of Art. At the end of 2019, Ikuko won the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramic Prize.

Read more about Ikuko Iwamoto her background, previous exhibitions and awards

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