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Madeleine Boulesteix: Small Duet Tea Cup Chandelier

Madeleine Boulesteix: Small Duet Tea Cup Chandelier


Deluxe Duet tea cup chandelier - candle only

Assorted antiquities 32 x 50cm

In stock

Madeleine started making chandeliers after finding about 40 faceted glass drops in a pile of rubbish. Initially she resisted the temptation to make a chandelier because that would be too obvious, however, she later succumbed and has been making them ever since.

When she started to gather other things to make a structure with, she discovered that everything she needed was right there just waiting to be assembled; glass teacups, trifle moulds, tea strainers etc all for the taking. She’d never used a pastry cutter for pastry or a toast rack for toast but they seemed to have more potential, so she liberated them from their domestic duties by incorporating them in her chandeliers.

Madeleine prefers to work with things she’s found and let their qualities dictate what happens. Each piece is unique and begins with a really simple set of ideas, a shape, a colour combination and the objects she wants to use.

Madeleine has exhibited in Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan as well as the UK.

The British Council have a large piece in their collection, which toured in Australia, India and Egypt and is now installed in their residences in Cairo.

Due to the bespoke nature of Madeleine’s chandeliers they are priced individually. Madeleine will undertake commissions larger than regular domestic sizes, for bars and shops, past clients have included Bar Room Bar for 10 venues, Laura Ashley, Harrods and Triskel Arts in Cork for European City of Culture 2005.

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