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Matthew Chambers: Circular Sculpture Sage

Matthew Chambers: Circular Sculpture Sage
  • Tri-Colour Series
    Matthew Chambers

Ceramic, hand thrown circular sculpture, approximately 23cm diameter each,  2015

Matthew’s influences and inspirations for his beautiful circular sculptures include – geometric and optical art, constructivist themes, and modern architecture and design. He pursues these interests in an abstract sense by exploring shape and making mathematically constructed pieces in clay, each built up of many different wheel-thrown sections. On completion each form conveys different and individual properties of space, light, and colour, and sustains an expression of abstract and rhythmical beauty from its pattern of shape.

Matthew’s sculptures are made using either an earthenware or stoneware clay, with colours added directly into the body. When each form has been constructed, several weeks are allowed for slow drying to minimise shrinkage and warping problems. Once dry the piece is sculpted to achieve a finer shape and then low fired. It is sanded and then high fired again. Once fully fired each piece is polished once again, this time with diamond abrasives to help achieve a very smooth overall finish.

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