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Soledad Christie: Llamita Silueta I

Soledad Christie: Llamita Silueta I
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  • Soledad Christie ceramic Llamita Silueta I 26.5x12x6.5cm

Hand-built ceramic sculpture
26.5 x 12 x 6.5cm

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This handbuilt, sculptural ceramic vessel is made using the traditional techniques of pinching, coiling and paddling. Each piece is burnished with a small river stone several times during the drying process, in order to achieve a tactile surface. Each piece undergoes two firings, a low temperature gas kiln firing and then a traditional open sky firing, using llama and goat dung as fuel.

Through an ongoing relationship with clay, Soledad Christie’s work deals with intuitions and sensations that are constantly present when inhabiting the vast Atacama Desert and Altiplano territory and its outstanding atmosphere. Having lived in the territory for over 30 years it has become a part of her identity; silence, solitude and vastness have shaped her and her work immensely

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