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Tony Beaver: Pink Baby Bunny

Tony Beaver: Pink Baby Bunny
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Oil on canvas, 102cm x 122cm approx, 2018, unframed

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In Tony Beaver’s latest body of work the baby bunnies he depicts take their inspiration from imagery from the internet.

Tony believes that there is a whole layer of the internet devoted to cuteness.  We are bombarded with images of cute babies, kittens, puppies and so on. And of course, baby bunnies.

When he was painting the Baby Bunny series, he imagined the space around the rabbit as the unknowable, vast, dark and uncontrollable depth that is the Web.
He went on to imagine the bunnies and their reassuring sweetness to be the guardians of this space. For him, these ill equipped gatekeepers stand between us and all the perilous pathways into infinite possibilities and dark endings.

Read more about Tony Beaver his background, awards and previous exhibitions.

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