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Trevor Burgess: Crate of Fish 3 (Billingsgate, London)

Trevor Burgess: Crate of Fish 3 (Billingsgate, London)


Oil on board
30 x 60cm

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Shops and street markets are a subject which fascinates Trevor. In his market stalls series, he explores how every shop and market stall trying to sell you something is out to catch your eye. He observes that most of the intense colour on the street is there for that reason. Trevor drew the analogy that the aesthetics of painting has essentially the same origin and purposes as the structures pervading communication and display in everyday life. You could think of the shopper as the spectator and each market stall or shopfront as a composition.

Trevor often uses a glossy liquid paint which brings out the flashes of bright colour that animate urban space. The fluidity, coarseness and texture of the paint contribute to a sense of the thickening of the air in the urban atmosphere, the ambiguity and the discontinuity of visual experience.

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