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Trevor Burgess: Over a Cuppa

Trevor Burgess: Over a Cuppa
  • Trevor Burgess: Over a Cuppa


Oil on board, 62 x 93cm, 2015

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This painting is from a series of paintings of the urban landscape.  They are an eye-level take on the city placing the viewer at street level. They aim to recall the experience of walking in the street, looking around warily, noting things glimpsed on either side, a heightened awareness of people, movement, traffic, visual dazzle.

Trevor sees the street as a place where people display themselves, engaged in what Jonathan Raban in his book Soft City called ‘the hazardous but necessary urban art of self-projection’. It is not just the people who are engaged in this self projection; the street itself, and the buildings that flank it, are a display of signals indicating cultural identity.

Trevor often uses a glossy liquid paint which brings out the flashes of bright colour that animate urban space. The fluidity, coarseness and texture of the paint contribute to a sense of the thickening of the air in the urban atmosphere, the ambiguity and the discontinuity of visual experience.

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