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Trevor Burgess: Tomatoes

Trevor Burgess: Tomatoes
  • Trevor Burgess - Tomatoes


oil on board, 60 x 60cm

This painting is from a new series of works which take their inspiration from the markets Trevor visited on a recent trip to South America. The series includes paintings and some recently completed small oil pastel drawings.

Trevor has travelled to South America several times over a period of fifteen years, staying with his wife’s family in San Juan, Argentina and then travelling around the continent during his stay. He has found the food markets in San Juan and in other Latin American cities fascinating.

Observation of social interactions has always been an important part of Trevor’s work. In these pictures, putting the viewer in the same position as the consumer, Trevor develops themes he has explored in his series of paintings of London shops and street markets. However, the pictures have a distinctively different feel from the London paintings, as Trevor turns his eye upon the traders, the environment of the market, the ways that the food is displayed. These South American market paintings also convey beautifully the strong dazzling light of a hot country – they radiate heat and bright sunlight.

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