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Susan Munson

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Sue Munson’s latest works are based on a simple form which has inspired a more thoughtful approach to her paintings. The predominant shape, featuring in each one of the works in this series, represents flight and freedom yet also containment.

Although abstract in appearance, the narrative is important to Sue and through these paintings, she explores the global movement of people through immigration and its social impact. The marks are not made purely by chance but are well thought out and are integral to this narrative.

Sue has been greatly inspired by the British painter Euan Uglow and like in his paintings, there is a strong sculptural quality to the work. Within the tradition of modernism, planes are articulated precisely, edges are sharp and defined and colours are differentiated with subtlety. The paint is applied in layers and we can see her method of construction as hints of colour are exposed on the surface. The resulting works are serene and contemplative.

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