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Alice Mara

Date: April 7, 2015 Category:

Alice Mara has worked in the field of ceramics and print for over 15 years. 
Completing a degree at Harrow College Alice went on to do a Masters at the Royal College of Art, London. 
 Inspired by her late father and printmaker, Tim Mara, Alice has looked to the world around her for ideas and designs.

Alice’s work is recognizable because of the distinct and striking imagery that she uses to decorate ceramic objects.
 Office blocks are wrapped around vases and people hang from the rims of bowls.
 The shape of the ceramic object often dictates the nature of the image. 
Some of Alice’s products are mini, collectable art pieces that have a function as well a witty and aesthetic value. 
Using hand making techniques, screen and digital printing in her work, Alice is also trained in the tradition of throwing as well as decorating found and ready produced ceramic items.

Alice Mara also produces a bespoke and high-end range of work that has been shown at the Royal Academy, The Eagle Gallery London, The Richard Denis Gallery,The William Morris Museum and Contemporary Applied Arts. As well as a successful maker, Alice has taught on a number of ceramic degree courses including Farnham Art College, Rochester Art College, Dublin College of Art and Design and Harrow College (University of Westminster). In 2010 Grayson Perry opened her show Mara and Mara at the Eagle Gallery. Alice’s work won her the Queensbury Hunt award for most innovative use of ceramic material.

Alice is one of Cavaliero Finn’s regular exhibitors and has worked with the gallery since its inception.

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