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Good at acting “terrible at art” James Nesbitt is honing his craft (collection) via a leading gallerist By Charlotte Abrahams FT How to Spend It – May 29th 2020
Good at acting “terrible at art” James Nesbitt is honing his craft (collection) via a leading gallerist By Charlotte Abrahams FT How to Spend It – May 29th 2020
House and Garden Magazine coverage of Alter Exhibition for Cavaliero Finn
Crafts Magazine coverage of Alter Exhibition for Cavaliero Finn
Crafts Magazine coverage of Alter Exhibition for Cavaliero Finn
Enki Magazine coverage of Alter Exhibition for Cavaliero Finn
Enki Magazine coverage of Alter Exhibition for Cavaliero Finn
House and Garden Magazine coverage of Alter Exhibition for Cavaliero Finn
House and Garden Magazine Coverage for Alter Exhibition
House and Garden
Homes and Antiques Magazine – November 2020
Alter exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel Homes and Gardens press coverage
Alter exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel Homes and Gardens press coverage

Observer Magazine

By Jo Leevers, Photography by James Balston

5th August 2018

Inside an artist’s hideaway in south London

How a derelict builder’s yard was reclaimed by a painter with an eye for colour – and a bargain

As an artist who paints street life and cityscapes, it makes sense that Trevor Burgess lives in a very urban location. His home, in south London, is an old builder’s yard, sandwiched between a busy railway line and the backs of Victorian terraces. Except that it’s also a bit of a rustic hideaway, too. A sliver of track-side meadow lies opposite and the unmade path that leads to his front door is dotted with wild flowers and waist-high grasses. “Nobody can find this place – even our post often goes to a house in the next street,” says Burgess. ….

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FT How To Spend It

By Dominic Lutyens

9 May 2018

Rise of the Rebel Potters

A new wave of inventive designers is revitalising ceramics. Dominic Lutyens meets the young subversives who are bringing a fresh approach to an ancient material.

Too much on-screen activity, a desire to learn a craft involving patience not instant gratification, and an almost primal attraction to messy, malleable clay — these are some theories mooted to explain a major resurgence of ceramics in recent years.

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FT How To Spend It

By Nicole Swengley

April 21 2018

Pioneering new approaches to porcelain

Experimental ceramicists are creating pioneering porcelain that pairs radical techniques with shapeshifting aesthetics – and it’s firing the imagination of art and design aficionados. Nicole Swengley reports


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Telegraph Magazine


By Emma Love

February 17th 2018

Future antiques: The most interesting and innovative craft to buy now and treasure later

It’s not hard to spot an instant classic at the Collect craft fair. Emma Love takes her pick of the antiques of the future.

Ashraf Hanna, Cavaliero Finn

Egyptian-born British ceramicist Ashraf Hanna has lived near Newgale Beach in Pembrokeshire for almost 18 years, so it is perhaps no surprise that the grey seascapes and dense forests of Wales have found their way into his work.

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TL Magazine


The Things to Come at Collect 2018

February 21st 2018
Text by Rab Messina

Craft is no longer an underdog. Just ask Annie Warburton, the creative director of the Crafts Council: this year marks the fourteenth edition of Collect, the International Fair for Contemporary Objects, and each year the scene keeps reaching unthinkable heights.

TLmag: During the first edition of Collect, Edmund de Wall and Julian Stair were, as you’ve mentioned before, relative unknowns. Are there new names you’re excited about this year?
AW: Among the 400-plus artists showing this year, there are scores of fresh names. Introducing new artists alongside those more established is one of the hallmarks of Collect

—and one we pride ourselves on. I’d watch out especially for artists shown by exhibitors new to the fair this year: SEE••DS, Mint, 50 Golborne, Cavaliero Finn and Guilded, to name just a few.

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23rd January 2018

COLLECT 2018: Q&A with Cavaliero Finn

London gallery Cavaliero Finn is on a mission. “Our main philosophy is to take art and craft out of the stuffy white cube gallery space, which can be intimidating, and bring it into a relaxed and informal environment that is more accessible.” Exhibiting at Collect, the UK’s biggest and best fair dedicated to craft held at the Saatchi Gallery between 22-25 February 2018, Cavaliero Finn has built up a reputation for showcasing top-notch work from emerging and established makers alike, in an environment akin to a salon or front room.

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Guardian Observer

By Jo Leevers, June 19th 2016

Photography by Rachael Smith

The fine art of living in a gallery home

Deep in the West Country, a converted mill now doubles as an exhibition space and a family home. By Jo Leevers

“Walking into a gallery that’s an echoey white room can be an intimidating experience,” says Debra Finn. “I don’t think it’s the best way to see new art.” And she speaks from experience. The home she shares with husband Mark and their children Lorcan, 12, and Ariana, 9, is a converted watermill full of unexpected nooks, with creaky stairs and comfy sofas. But several times a year, the stuff of family life – abandoned PE kit bags, chewed dog toys – gets tidied away and the house opens as a gallery.

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FT How To Spend It

By Emma Crichton-Millar, October 17 2015

Adventurer artist-designers

For certain artist-designers, travel is the bedrock of originality, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Their intrepid adventures – from the Amazon to the Atlas Mountains – imbue their work with a richly evocative identity

Daniel Reynolds is a ceramic artist based in London. Besides his handbuilt sculptural work, his sensuous vegetable-inspired vessels (from £750), ceramic mobiles (from £4,500) and veined porcelain lights (from £200) are much sought after by hotels and boutiques.

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Period Living

By Robin Savill October 2015

Somerset Art Weeks offers the perfect opportunity to get inspired, and buy an original piece or two from venues supporting the fabulous work of our local artists. I was, therefore, absolutely delighted to find contemporary art and design gallery, Cavaliero Finn in this year’s Somerset Art Weeks guide. Already being an ardent fan of their taste in highly original and beautifully crafted pieces with, as they put it: “…a stand-alone aesthetic beauty that will stand the test of time,” I just had to pay them a visit.

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By Fiona Robinson, September/October 2015

Sandra James’ sculptures, small forty to fifty centimetre high structures, are deceptive. At first glance they are reassuringly smooth. Elegant plaster forms whose pristine white edges contain areas painted with shiny black enamel paint, creating flat richly dark centres with a depth which visually destabilizes the viewer. But move around this work, observe it from a different angle and you are confronted with a gritty unfinished, friable surface. James has developed a technique fusing plaster, enamel gate paint and builder’s sharp sand. These three apparently incompatible materials, intentionally suggest levels of human interaction and experience, the unexpected combination highlighting an inherent risk of deterioration. She exploits the fragility, in terms of longevity, of both the ordinary everyday materials she is using and relationships between people. These are forms that mirror the unremarkable day-to-day functioning of human relationships, posing the question: value or futility? ……….

…….A choice well made since it resulted in her being awarded the Somerset Art Works one year Bursary in conjunction with Cavaliero Finn to develop her work within the context of the marketplace. So essentially it launched her career, post degree.

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Telegraph Magazine

By David Nicholls 09 May 2014

Kathy Dalwood’s plaster busts are among the work being shown by the gallery Cavaliero Finn ( at Belair House, a Grade II listed Georgian mansion, as part of the Dulwich Festival in south London. This weekend the festival celebrates its 21st anniversary with a series of events, including buying exhibitions for the work of more than 200 local artists (

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Absolutely Dulwich

By Alexandra Jones, May 2014

Juliana Cavaliero and Debra Finn of art & design consultancy Cavaliero Finn have been taking part in the Dulwich Festival’s Open House since it began eleven years ago.  Here they tell Absolutely what they love about Open House and what they’ll be bringing to this year’s Festival…

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The Independent

By Jill McNair, April 29 2011

Business partners Juliana Cavaliero and Debra Finn launched their home gallery Cavaliero Finn in Juliana’s south London home in 2003 “when it was still quite original,” says Cavaliero. The pair, friends who met while studying art at university, often talked about working together. Then, after a 10-year career in the art world working for various galleries, including Anthony d’Offay, Cavaliero had her first child and “it was a natural time to think about setting up alone”. By the time of their first event, Finn, who formerly worked in public relations, was pregnant with her first son.

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The Telegraph Magazine

By David Nicholls

Next weekend Cavaliero Finn is holding a new selling exhibition in its pretty Victorian house cum gallery in Herne Hill, south London. Expect a craft-focused selection by independent makers such as the ceramicist Rowena Brown, whose stoneware sculptures of time- and weather-worn houses cost £195 for four. Doors are open from 10.30am to 6pm, November 19-20. Cavaliero Finn, 268 Croxted Road, London SE24 (07941-200300;

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By Tina Bernstein 20 January 2014 in inspirational people, london town, places and spaces

Don’t you love Twitter? I do! There is something so satisfying about meeting people we follow on Twitter only to discover how much we have in common. I’ve been following Cavaliero Finn for quite some time so was excited to go to one one of their open weekend exhibitions in their home-cum-gallery in South East London just before Christmas.

I loved everything about the house, their approach and styling, their selection of both emerging and internationally recognised artists and designers and foremost meeting the founders of Cavaliero and Finn…..

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The Resident

For contemporary and period art and design, here are three events in south east London you simply cannot miss this May

Cavaliero Finn Contemporary Art and at Belair House

Contemporary art and design lovers alike should head to Belair House in Dulwich on the weekend of 10-11 May when a new exhibition, curated by design company Cavaliero Finn, takes place as part of the Dulwich Festival. Set against the backdrop of this beautiful, Grade II listed Georgian mansion, works will be on show from over 20 of Britain’s finest, up-and-coming artists and designer-makers, including Gill Rocca, Rebecca Oldfield, Matt Chambers and Daniel Reynolds. Visitors can attend a series of workshops and talks over the weekend, including a session by Jordan Cluroe, finalist on the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge and his partner Russell Whitehead, with whom he runs interior design company 2 Lovely Gays. There will also be a series of artists workshops for children aged 6 and over.

Cavaliero Finn will also be hosting a second contemporary art and design show at its home-cum-gallery at 268 Croxted Road in Herne Hill, running during the Dulwich Festival Artists Open House on 10-11 May and 17-18 May.

Belair House, 1 Gallery Road, Dulwich SE21 7AB. See and

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Heart Home Magazine

By Victoria Harrison

Juliana and Dom’s Victorian home is a treasure trove of exotic finds from around the world and makes a perfect base for Juliana’s gallery which she runs with her business partner Debra…..

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Evening Standard

By Barbara Chandler, Monday 28 May 2012

The skeletons are coming out of their closets this summer, to rattle their bones over chairs, plates and coffee cups.

This latest home design trend makes those older — and now tediously ubiquitous — skull motifs look chunky and clunky, despite the ongoing popularity of Damien Hirst’s retrospective at Tate Modern.

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Evening Standard

By Corrine Julius

DECORATIVE and functional items made by independent designermakers often cost less than their mass-produced equivalents. And in the run-up to Christmas you can find them for sale at relatively low prices at seasonal open studios and craft fairs.

London is home to countless craftspeople making everything from homeware to fashion accessories, so here we highlight some of the top crafts venues for gifts and explain what each is best known for…….

…….CAVALIERO FINN 268 Croxted Road, SE24. November 17 and 18, 10.30am to 6pm (07941 200 300;

A craft fair in a home-cum-gallery with ceramics, furniture, textile, lighting, painting and sculpture from 20 designer-makers. Witty swimmerdecorated teaware by Alice Mara; chandeliers by Madeleine Boulesteix.

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Objects of Design #279: Fliff Carr Gold Handled Jug – by Kate Watson Smyth

This is a jug that makes my heart sing. I know I’m having a bit of a gold/brass moment but don’t you think these jugs are gorgeous?

They were made as part of a series that explores scale and pattern. Many of the pieces have a lace theme. Debra Finn of Cavaliero Finn says the jug is small and delicate but, despite its large handle, it pours perfectly.

You can see Fliff’s work, and many other of the unusual and eclectic pieces that are part of the Cavaliero Finn collection at a viewing on Saturday and Sunday 7 and 8 December at Cavaliero Finn, Home-cum-gallery, 268 Croxted Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 9DA.

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Hand Held Vessels by Rhian Malin – by Kate Watson Smyth –

The trend for bespoke started a few years ago now but it shows no sign of slowing down. Having said that it needs to be a little more sophisticated than just sticking our initials (or those of our children) on everything.

These gorgeous blue and white cups are just the perfect way to take this idea one step further.

They’re made by Rhian Malin, who recently graduated from a course in Three Dimensional Design at Camberwell College of Art. Each one is individually made when participants are asked to gently squash a freshly thrown pot to the shape of their hands. So not only is each one unique but what could be nicer than hugging your cup of tea or coffee and knowing that it will fit perfectly into your hands?

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Swimmer Plates by Alice Mara – by Kate Watson Smyth –

Remember the London Olympics when we all tried to get tickets and mostly failed? Or ended up with seats at things we never really thought we fancied. But then remember how in the end it was all so exciting that we loved it anyway, even if we never thought that dressage, boxing or synchronised swimming was our thing?

These plates came about after ceramicist Alice Mara managed to snag herself tickets to the synchronised swimming. She was inspired by the way the swimmers use their bodies to create regimented patterns and shapes.

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Your Home is Lovely

Out and about Dulwich Open House – by Kate Burt – May 2014

Last weekend was a whirlwind of art in south London – and this weekend, much of it continues, as the Artists Open House event revs up for its final weekend. I couldn’t afford much (but it’s nice to look), and saw a fraction of the things I wanted to see – it’s quite a tiring thing to do, especially in last week’s driving rain – but nevertheless here are a couple of highlights.
Some paintings by Trevor Burgess, whose work I’ve enthused about before – he has a great talent for capturing very ordinary scenes and, by painting them, giving them a beauty you might overlook passing them by in real life. The canvases look great in situ, as part of the Cavaliero Finn Open House, which was on at two venues: Croxted Road (pictured here) and the incredible Belair House, near chichi Dulwich Village (pictured lower down this post). Trevor Burgess is around for a Meet the Artist event at the house tomorrow, Saturday 17th (sadly Belair House was only open for the first weekend, but you can see some pictures below).

Your Home is Lovely

Alice Mara’s Urban Architecture Ceramics by Kate Burt  – April 2013

‘ve written about London-based ceramicist Alice Mara before – I particularly loved her plates decorated with tiny synchronised swimmers, and cups adorned with the pleasing geometry of urban architecture. Now she’s launching some new designs, and I love them too. What do you think of these salt and pepper pots?
The set is named ‘Affordable Housing’ and features a series of twenty different buildings that measure 7.5cm x 3cm. They cost £30 a pair.

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My Friend's House

This weekend… May 12, 2012

Over at 268 Croxted Road, the Cavaliero Finn ladies have put together another edit of great works, including an arresting portrait of Charles Hawtrey by artist Tony Beaver – who is opening his own house a few doors down – beautiful cast porcelain bowls and oversized stoneware pots by Daniel Reynolds.

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My Friend's House

A corner of my bedroom… June 8, 2011

…is bringing me plenty pleasure just now. Ever get that? Where you artfully arrange some things then can’t stop admiring your own handiwork? It helps if the things have some meaning to you, but there’s nothing more fun than curating a shelf. I say that as someone who spent last night rearranging all the open-shelving in the kitchen (we’ve finished The Killing).

From left, painting by Gill Rocca (soon to be wall-hung) – succumbed to at Cavaliero Finn, the excuse being Mr MF’s birthday;

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My Friend's House

Festival Antics… May 2011

Just spent the weekend hopping around strangers’ homes and workshops. The annual Dulwich festival started – an Artists’ Open House event that runs next weekend too (plan your route here). I had no idea how many creative bods were in this hood (over 150 venues take part) and also, how many chatters. Aside from bumping into various friends – all of us clutching earmarked guide books and with big wild buying eyes on – I had many conversations with total strangers in queues etc. It was like being back in Glasgow…

We also made it to Cavaliero Finn’s private view this year where, not for the first time, Mr My Friend and I leered at the Gill Rocca paintings. I also liked Ali Miller’s work…

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The Guardian

Inside style experts’ homes: Jill Macnair – in pictures

Jill Macnair is a freelance journalist and editor specialising in design, interiors and architecture for print and online media. She has written for Elle Decoration, Elle Online, Guardian Weekend, The Independent, Observer Magazine, Red online, Stella magazine (The Sunday Telegraph) and The Sunday Times (Style and Home). She has also worked as an interiors consultant and jointly runs the daily design blog…….

……The painting on the wall is by Gill Rocca bought from Cavaliero Finn as a birthday present to Neil, who usually gets a jumper or a book. He saw this and loved it

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You Magazine