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Angela Charles

Date: April 28, 2015 Category:

The lure of the coast from Dorset to Cornwall is constant for Angela Charles. The contrast of the peace-fulness of the landscape and the sea alongside its untamed wildness and intensity holds perpetual appeal. The acquisition of a campervan four years ago has made escaping to the sea even easier and allowed for spontaneous trips both locally to Dorset as well as to Cornwall to develop her work.

Angela’s works evolve from rudimentary pen sketches and written notes about the landscape, the light and the sea. These records act as a catalyst for her paintings which, rather than a direct response to a certain place, represent a memory of a location and the felt experience of being there. However, in some of the works she becomes so absorbed by the painting process that little is recognisable from the original sketch.

Working on spray-primed aluminium and wooden boards, which allow for every texture to be her own, Angela builds up layers of sanded-down acrylic. The layers are often wiped away forcefully with cloths or her fists and pierced with marks made by pencils or dentist tools. Through areas of calm and yet moments of frantic mark making, the resulting paintings reveal her sense of awe at the South West coast.

Born just outside of Brighton Angela Charles studied at Worthing College of Art. She then went on to study for a BA Hons in Fine Art (Textiles) at Goldsmiths College, University of London, graduating in 1989. Angela moved from Brighton to Crewkerne, Somerset in 2001, working part-time as a gallery curator. As a painter her reputation has grown since first exhibiting in 1989. Her first one-person show was at Sherborne House, Dorset in 2003 and since then she has exhibited throughout the UK.