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Becky Oldfield

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Becky Oldfield marries the traditional with the contemporary to create an original yet evocative range of products. This contemporary nostalgia has broad appeal and sits comfortably in both traditional and modern surroundings.

Recycling within design is more relevant than ever. Becky’s work attempts to look beyond recycling and asks the question “what makes an object worth saving?”. Is it purely sentiment that makes us hold onto things? The value we place on objects today has changed. Lost and Found endeavours to reintroduce this sense of value by using forgotten skills and forgotten objects to create new pieces, modern collectables from traditional sources.

‘The devil is in the detail’ Becky is keen to emphasise the heritage of the materials used and the processes by which they are revived as well as celebrating the finished works themselves. The involvement of the client can be key; personal collectables are often incorporated into the work in order to bring a third dimension, a connection with the work, thus hopefully rendering it a desirable object of personal worth.

From source to salvage to studio to home, the whole process is a story Becky thinks deserves to be told.

Becky graduated from Goldsmiths in 2000.