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Catherine Knight

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

About Catherine Knight
Catherine’s current series of vibrantly coloured paintings are based on her recent residency on the island of Hrísey, Iceland in December 2013. Hrísey is a small teardrop shaped island in the middle of Eyjafjöröur.

This body of paintings focused on the small amount of daylight present during the winter in Northern Iceland and the constant shifts in light. Kilometres from the Arctic Circle, at 66° 00 ‘N 18° 23 ’W, full daylight is never really present during the winter months in Hrísey. She is intrigued by the vast and remote landscape in contrast to the small communities of people who live in such isolation.

Catherine’s other work explores her fascinatation with family history. The process of sifting through old family photographs of people who are part of her, yet quite unknown, and this motivation feeds into many of her paintings. Created from found photographs together with guidebook images and postcards, these works toy with perspective and scale. They mirror how family histories and personal mythologies are half- remembered, smoothed over, and exaggerated over time.

Photographs ultimately offer limited information and their full story is not revealed. Made from images collaged together, mixing places, times and histories, the playfulness in the paintings creates new narratives and alternative realities.

Cavaliero Finn spotted Catherine’s paintings at the Discerning Eye exhibition late last year. Six of Catherine’s paintings were selected for the exhibition; one of them now acquired for the Discerning Eye permanent collection. Catherine has an MA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University. She was a Royal West of England Academy Student Bursary Winner in 2008 and in 2012 she was shortlisted for the John Gingell Award.

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