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Catherine Knight

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

About Catherine Knight

Catherine Knight is a painter, working in oils, gouache and watercolours based in Bristol.

Catherine’s vibrantly coloured paintings capture the shifting changes in light around the world.  She has undertaken a number of international residencies and research trips since completing her Masters in 2008, often in remote locations such as The Island of Hrísey, Iceland and Tove Jansson’s island, Klovharu in Finland.  She is inspired by islands, woods and remote cabins, capturing the feeling of light, isolation and using the landscape as metaphor for internal states. Her landscapes are built up using many delicate layers, capturing scenes with beautiful simplicity.

Cavaliero Finn first spotted Catherine’s paintings at the Discerning Eye exhibition in 2014 where, six of her paintings were selected for the exhibition; one of them now acquired for the Discerning Eye permanent collection. Catherine has an MA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University, for which she gained a distinction. She was a Royal West of England Academy Student Bursary Winner in 2008 and in 2012 she was shortlisted for the John Gingell Award. Since first appearing in the Discerning Eye Exhibition, Catherine’s work has been selected year after year with few exceptions.  She was also selected for the Beep Painting Prize in 2018.

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Listen to our interview with Catherine Knight about her latest series of paintings – Isolation Windows – a body of work created in response to the feelings of isolation generated by the national lockdown during the global pandemic caused by COVID 19

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