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Jessica Thorn

Date: March 7, 2017 Category:

Jessica is an upcoming ceramic designer-maker of high end functional and decorative objects. She is currently undertaking an artist in residency in Mayfield, East Sussex.
Jessica is charmed with the ability a handmade object has to allow an everyday ritual become more pleasurable. With this in mind, she aims to design and make functional objects for others and herself by focusing on a simple aesthetic whilst showing off the pure quality of the ceramic.
The aesthetic and design of manufactured metal tins hasn’t changed for over 200 years. Fascinated by this curious fact Jessica designs and makes functional hand-built porcelain vessels inspired by the characteristics and forms of metal tins. These vessels primarily take form as cups, jugs, tea caddies and spoons and the collection is constantly developing and growing.
The process of her work is driven by a belief of the value and importance of celebrating craftsmanship within functional objects. She embraces this belief in her current collection through her elusive joining technique, which naturally leaves a trail of my maker’s marks. These marks can both be seen and touched allowing the user to have a sensual awareness of her craftsmanship and the handmade. These maker’s marks are highlighted through the use of a select colour palette, derived by creating a simplified and contemporary notion to colours produced in rust and decay.
Jessica Thorn has had non-stop success since she graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2013. She was awarded Best New Business Award at the Contemporary Crafts Festival at Bovey Tracey in 2015.  Jessica was also selected by the Crafts Council in 2016 to take part in Hothouse 5, a programme providing makers with the tools ‘to grow a sustainable and successful craft practice and help nurture a strong peer network.

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