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Jim Jack

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Jim Jack produces beautifully crafted, layered, wooden sculptures. Jim meticulously constructs each of his sculptures laminating, gluing and dowling each layer of wood, which he pre-cuts, finishes and carves down with rasps files and a grinder. His forms are influenced mostly by nature and are concerned with growth and movement. Jim’s work is very labour intensive sometimes taking up to three months to make. He works from exploratory drawings, colour, sketches and etchings and often works on more than one piece at once, each one influencing the other in some way – sculptures making sculpture. Like nature itself, Jim’s sculptures are objects of great beauty. In a room they command huge presence and it is hard to resist touching them and handling the seductive curved tactile forms. Jim Jack has been sculpting for more than twenty-five years and has had group and solo shows nationally.