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Jo Davies

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Jo Davies has been a ceramist for over 10 years, she trained in ceramics at Bath School of Art and then at the Royal College of Art.
Jo’s work is a bringing together of contrasts – wet and dry, wriggling and still, sharp edges and blunt forms. Each design is the product of an evolution of her visual language, developed over years. The bringing together of the plain circle or oval with the femininely sensual is a device used to show the qualities of each, and to create a tension between them. She has appropriated architectural and decorative forms, using them to create objects that have a light hearted sensuality, that move away from the formal rigidity of regular geometrical shapes, and into irregularity.
There is a humour in the work, an element of the ridiculous, but also an element of sophistication. Her work emulates this coupling of humour with sophistication and tries to exist where these two meet, creating an elegant style that sometimes teeters on the edge of vulgarity.
The exploration of clay is probably the most important aspect of this work. As she sees it, an object she has made is best when it crystallises the liquidity of clay in the final ceramic. The glazes she uses are chosen because they enhance this sense of water and flow created in the object’s making on the throwing wheel. This work is not an allegory and does not have a scripted narrative; it is instead the result of an intuitive enquiry into clay, using a visual language that is gradually unfolding with each piece made.
Jo’s work is a combination of wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques.