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Lucy Du Sautoy

Date: June 27, 2017 Category:

Lucy du Sautoy paints subjects engaging the familiar and commonplace in a spirit of distraction and absent-mindedness such as the view from a train or drawings on a foggy window.  While these are everyday visions they are often overlooked, yet for the artist they offer us a picture of what it means to be alive at a fundamental level. 

In her paintings Lucy explores fleeting, unstructured mental associations that are deeply personal to each of us, the times when we slip easily and imperceptibly between focused attention and an alternative inner daydreaming world where we are free and anything goes.

 Lucy lives and works in South East London. She graduated from The Art Academy in 2015 with a first class diploma and the same year she had her painting ‘Daydreaming’ on show at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  We will be showing Lucy’s work at our next show in Somerset.