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Michelle House

Date: May 1, 2018 Category:

Michelle House is an established printed textile artist and designer, who works from her studio in South London.

She creates unique one-off, hand-painted and printed wall hangings, textile panels, and large, site-specific pieces, as well as designing limited edition giclée digital prints. Her unique abstract style is easily recognisable, with darting black lines that wind and weave their way across the surface of colour-drenched fabrics.

She has exhibited widely at venues including the prestigious SOFA Chicago show and Collect at the Saatchi Gallery. Her talent for colour, brings life and vibrancy to domestic and business spaces, with pieces commissioned and bought by clients as varied as department stores, hospitals, hotels, design consultants, solicitors, law firms and banks.

In early 2018 Michelle hand-printed and painted two large hangings that are now installed in the British Academy building in St James’s, London as part of its permanent collection.

The hangings are made from a combination of linens and cottons and incorporate imagery from the internal architectural details and library within the space.  Her work joins a very prestigious collection which also includes work by Cavaliero Finn artist Matthew Chambers