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Pia Wustenberg

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Nominated for the Perrier- Jouet Arts Salone Prize & shortlisted for the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards in 2015 and the Elle Decoration for the British Design Awards in 2012, Royal College of Art graduate, Pia Wustenberg designs these gorgeous functional sculptures made from ceramics, glass and wood.

Each of the elements to each sculptural vessel is the fruit of careful craftsmanship: wood turning, metal turning, ceramic throwing and glass blowing form the functional sculptures.

The glass used in Pia’s stacking vessels is made in Bohemia in the Czech Republic. There is a strong tradition in mold blown glass in this region that allows her to make both small and large-scale pieces accurately.

The wood is felled in the right season and dried very slowly. Most of the wood is Alder, a tree that grows along the lakeshore. Often it is felled on remote islands in Finland and transported by boat to the craftsmen.  There it dries, for over one year before it is even ready to come inside and again to dry for even a longer period of time. After this is it cut and shaped on the lathe, finished and oiled.  Pia works with craftsmen in Finland and Austria.

The copper and brass used in the vessels are shaped and finished by a small family business in London. There the skills of spinning metal are being passed on from one generation to the next.

A young Finnish-German designer, Pia graduated from Bucks New University in 2008 with a collection of mixed media furniture, having spent her final year focused on wood construction in combination with other materials (ceramic, glass, leather). She completed her postgraduate studies in Design Products at the Royal College of Arts carrying out research into craft and materials in contemporary culture.

Pia strongly believes a curious and observing mind is the main medium in a designer’s toolbox. Her aim is to design objects to contain stories she perceives as relevant today: juxtapositions of materials, surfaces, textures, symbols and colours can unfold to tell new stories through objects, just as letters and words make up the stories in a book. Her current research is concerned with urbanisation as a critical step in cultural evolution. The constant multitude of object experiences and encounters is at its peak in urban environments.

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