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Sophie Cook

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Sophie graduated from Camberwell School of Arts in 1997. Since then her work has grown from strength to strength and is now featured in permanent museum collections ranging from the Geoffrye Museum in London to recently involvment in the Denver Art Museum’s Euro Design exhibition. Georgio Armani and Elton John are even known collectors of her work!

Sophie also works on commissions, which have included pieces for Babington House and an installation for the Rama Restaurant in the private members club, 50 st james.

Currently throwing porcelain bottles and pods on the wheel, Sophie’s vibrant glazes embody subtle, sculptural shapes to create fluid, ethereal forms. Her inspiration originally came from an urge to react against much of the traditional ceramic pieces she had seen, whose glazes seemed dark and murky. She wanted to create pieces where colour embodied the pot, rather than being surface decoration. She looked to towers and sky-high buildings for her inspiration initially but essence of form and simplicity are now the main factors.

Her new work features fluid abstract lines which are transformed into a landscape by adding graphic architectural figures and trees.

The making of Sophie’s bottles and pods is quite complicated. Each of Sophie’s bottles or pods are thrown on the wheel. They are then left to dry overnight and then carved by hand to give extra definition to their shape. It is an incredibly delicate process and at any point the piece can crack. Each piece is then fired in the kiln and the glaze is applied by a spraying technique. The glazes are original and have taken several years of testing to fine tune.

The pieces are then further fired to 1260’C. During the firing there are further risks due to the fragility of the porcelain and the heat of the kiln. On average, during the entire making process, only fifty per cent of the pieces will survive.