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Trevor Burgess

Date: April 29, 2015 Category:

Most of Trevor’s work is about the ordinary business of living. Trevor is interested in a painting that explores relationships, people, contemporary urban spaces. He was awarded the Discerning Eye Regional Painting Prize in 2011.

Trevor’s work developed over a period of time when he was exploring the use of a less literally descriptive, painterly, figurative language in a series of paintings on the theme of the family, which culminated in some large works done on the MA Fine Art course in Barcelona in 1997/8. After this Trevor moved to London, and felt the need for a more concrete subject and specificity for his work. He turned to the immediate urban environment, and began using his own photographs as source material, whilst maintaining the characteristic painterly approach to the medium. Trevor does not attempt to replicate the conventions of photography. In all representational art there is a gap between what is depicted and how it’s depicted. The peculiar pleasures of painting, for him, are all about this gap.

He often uses a glossy liquid paint which brings out the flashes of bright colour that animate urban space. The fluidity, coarseness and texture of the paint contribute to a sense of the thickening of the air in the urban atmosphere, the ambiguity and the discontinuity of visual experience.

His work includes a series of paintings of markets around the world, and a series entitled “A Place to Live” of over 60 small paintings of London homes. His own home in South London, converted from a builders yard, was subject of a three page feature in The Observer magazine interiors section in summer 2018.

In 2015 he received a commission for a large scale triptych depicting Granary Square at the centre of the regeneration of Kings Cross. This resulted in a series of studies and related paintings which are available to view in our portfolio (follow the link below).

In 2014, Trevor curated an exhibition, “IN THE CITY”, at Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, which brought together nine artists working with imagery of the city and ideas around urban space. The exhibition is currently touring to the East Gallery, Norwich University of the Arts (24 July to 1 September 2018) and the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich (7 September to 24 October 2018).

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