Daniel Reynolds


A regular exhibitor with Cavaliero Finn for a number of years, British sculptor and ceramicist Daniel Reynolds works with porcelain, stoneware, and glass as well as organic materials such as gourds to bring to life his abstract designs.  His ceramic and glass mobiles are influenced by organic design and are deep-rooted in his family background. Having spent the first nine years of his life in Venezuela, Daniel is influenced by the great mid-century architecture there. The famous Aula Magna in Ciudad is one of the modern jewels of Caracas, inspired by Bauhaus equipped with acoustic ‘Clouds’ by Alexander Calder exploring movement, rhythm and nature. Daniel’s ceramic elements reflect the geometric mid-century designs prevalent in the concrete Venezuelan architecture, and like Calder, the relationship between the components is crucial in achieving balance, harmony and beauty.


This year at Collect 2020, Daniel was commissioned by the Crafts Council UK and Cavaliero Finn to create his largest mobile yet to be displayed in the West Wing of Somerset House as the centrepiece of the Collect Fair 2020.  The sculpture consisted of hand made, soft-edged geometric forms in ceramic, kiln formed glass and natural gourd, supported by a painted steel frame. The piece, which measured 2 by 2.7 meters, rotated gently with the aid of a strategically sited air circulation system throughout the fair. The mobile can be seen here


In 2014, Daniel Reynolds’ freestanding sculptural studio ceramic work was featured in ‘New Territories, Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America’ an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. This show travelled to Albuquerque Museum, in New Mexico in January 2016 and the Museo Amparo, in Mexico in June 2016.


Daniel’s commissions include a collection of porcelain vessels for Four Seasons ‘Anahita’ Resort in the Mauritius, Geometric Wall Plaques for the Royal Palace Complex – Bahrain, an Installation of ‘Organica’ Sculpture for the Crosby Street Hotel, New York, Large hand-built Pots for the Dorset Square Hotel, London and three Abstract Mobile Sculptures for the Ham Yard Hotel, London. Daniel’s site-specific work has been recently featured in the FT How to Spend It magazine by journalist Rachelle Gryn Brettler and prior to that by Emma Crichton-Miller as part of a detailed feature on artists inspired by their travels ‘Sense of Wander”.


His work appears in many collections including Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, New York, Colección Banco Mercantil, Caracas, Venezuela, Jorge F. Rivas Pérez Collection, New York, Christian Vinck H., Santiago, Chile and Sir Ian McKellen, London.

Daniel graduated with a BA Hons in Painting and Sculpture from Brighton Polytechnic, preceded by a BA Hons in 3D Design from Middlesex.


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