London Art Fair Platform 2021: Folk Art

20 - 31 January 2021

Cavaliero Finn is delighted to present the work of four artists at London Art Fair Edit: Platform 2021

From 20th – 31st January Cavaliero Finn will be presenting work by four artists as part of the London Art Fair PLATFORM 2021, which is of course online only this year, due to the lockdown. 


Like last year, London Art Fair PLATFORM features a small selection of galleries showing work which responds to a theme.  This year that theme is FOLK and the showcase is once again curated by Candida Stevens. The work selected looks at our cultural heritage, our communities and our identity, and how we choose to express this knowledge and pass it on as inspiration.


Our four chosen artists are Helen Ballardie, Frances Priest, Björk Haraldsdóttir and Soledad Christie, a ceramic artist who is new to our portfolio.  Each of Cavaliero Finn’s chosen artists’ work has roots in folk art, be that working in response to cultural stories and decorative images from the past or employing traditional techniques passed down through cultural communities in the making of their work.  All four artists look back on cultures, values and aesthetics around the world and weave these into their work in different ways using different media, in this case, clay and canvas.  Scroll down to see our London Art Fair Edit Platform Collection