Inside an artist’s hideaway in South London, Trevor Burgess

Jo Leevers, Photography by James Balston, The Guardian Observer, August 5, 2018

How a derelict builder’s yard was reclaimed by a painter with an eye for colour – and a bargain.

As an artist who paints street life and cityscapes, it makes sense that Trevor Burgess lives in a very urban location. His home, in south London, is an old builder’s yard, sandwiched between a busy railway line and the backs of Victorian terraces. Except that it’s also a bit of a rustic hideaway, too. A sliver of track-side meadow lies opposite and the unmade path that leads to his front door is dotted with wild flowers and waist-high grasses. “Nobody can find this place – even our post often goes to a house in the next street,” says Burgess...

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