The Things to Come at Collect 2018

By Rab Messina, TL Magazine, February 21, 2018

Craft is no longer an underdog. Just ask Annie Warburton, the creative director of the Crafts Council: this year marks the fourteenth edition of Collect, the International Fair for Contemporary Objects, and each year the scene keeps reaching unthinkable heights.


TLmag: During the first edition of Collect, Edmund de Wall and Julian Stair were, as you’ve mentioned before, relative unknowns. Are there new names you’re excited about this year?

AW: Among the 400-plus artists showing this year, there are scores of fresh names. Introducing new artists alongside those more established is one of the hallmarks of Collect

—and one we pride ourselves on. I’d watch out especially for artists shown by exhibitors new to the fair this year: See DS, Mint, 50 Golborne, Cavaliero Finn and Guilded, to name just a few.

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