Jacy Wall


Jacy Wall’s woven and cut tapestries speak of concealment, referencing the past when garments were meticulously repaired after becoming worn.  Tapestry has a long tradition in history, and Jacy subverts the process, picking it apart to create her wall pieces.  After completing her degree in constructed textiles, she quickly moved into making one-off woven tapestries, and has been weaving since, completing a big commission of three large wall hangings for the NMB Bank headquarters in Amsterdam.   Exploring tapestry as a medium, her work interrogates the nature of textiles as she deconstructs and plays with pattern structure and surface quality.  Interventions such as stitching, patching and darning imply instability and fragility, reflecting on a long-time interest in the theme of mending.   Also trained as a printmaker, the process feeds into Jacy’s work creating a conversation between weaving and drawing, yarn and paper, combining both skills to produce distinctive works that are minimal, yet intricate.   Sometimes when she’s not completely happy with a work the artist deconstructs it using scissors and pieces it together again, editing and adding until it feels like it has something more to say. The means by which it is remade becomes integral to the piece. This process led to Jacy initiating a major project, ‘The Nature of Mending’ in 2012 in which she, and four other artists explored aspects of the beauty of imperfection, instability and fragility, celebrating regeneration as well as the stories told by damage.  In 1994 Jacy Wall became a Trustee of the Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers.


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