Judith Tucker


Judith Tucker is interested in what it is that painting and drawing can explore and reveal about our relation with place. She is interested in memory, postmemory, notions of haunted archeology and deep mappings. Most recently she has been working on commissions with the radical landscape poet, Harriet Tarlo; through the process of painting and drawing in relation to poetry, and in conversation with each other, each seeks to provide an enriched perspective of a specific place. She has also collaborated with the sculptor Deborah Gardner as artists in residence at Armley Mills Industrial Museum, Leeds.


As well as being an artist, Judith is Senior Lecturer in the School of Design, University of Leeds. She studied at the Ruskin, University of Oxford and at the University of Leeds, where she also held an AHRC fellowship in the creative and performing arts. Judith is a founding co-convener of the international Mapping Spectral Traces network and has been invited to be part of Contemporary British Painting, a new platform for contemporary painting in the UK.


Judith’s work has been shown internationally since 1996. Recent exhibition venues are very wide ranging and include Lyon, France Brno, Czech Republic, Minneapolis and Virginia, USA.


Judith also writes academic essays which can be found in academic journals and in books published by Rodopi, Macmillan, Intellect and Gunter Narrverlag, Tubingen.


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