Joseph Goody


Recent Goldsmith’s graduate Joseph Goody is interested in the authenticity of paint as a medium. In the wake of control and contrivance and a suggestion of something systemic within his paintings, Joseph’s broad swipes provide an opportunity for the figurative and emotive characteristics of paint to operate. The momentum, posture and form, whether as mediation upon previous layering or something spontaneous, can provide the opportunity for a seemingly authentic response.


Joseph was awarded the Neville Burston Award for Painting for outstanding work in his Goldsmith’s show in 2011 and in 2012 Joseph’s work won him the Patron’s Club prize at the Royal Drawing School.  This year he was one of nine Royal Drawing School alumni to be invited to exhibit in Drawn From the Fleming Collection.  Joseph selected a painting from the collection with which he felt an affinity, to hang alongside his own work.


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